Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time Flies

I really have been neglecting this blog. I have been attending several shows and they have taken up quite a bit of my time. I have also been trying to add several new products to my line and that too has taken me away from the computer. I have to admit I have also been spending some time outside before the heat and humidity starts to rise. I don't look forward to our hot summers. Anyway, I just love adding new products to the fun stuff that I already do. I guess it keeps my job from getting stuck in a rut. For me it is fun and exciting to see if I can rise to the challenge of something that I have not tried making before. Lately, I have been working on bath melts. A couple of the batches that I have tried have come out to soft. I am still trying to perfect them. It might be a couple more tries but, I will succeed. At least I get to test everything before I start to sell them. In this case, I get to close the bathroom door and sit in the tub, uninterupted. Perks of the job.