Monday, February 16, 2009

Palm Oil

I have been using Palm oil in my soaps for 2 years now and never knew the devastation I was helping to create in the rainforests. I was disturbed to find out that farmers in and around the forests were cutting it down to plant more palms. Many soapmakers use palm oil in their soaps. This is the very same palm oil that soapmakers use. This is contributing to orangutans losing their homes; along with millions of other animals. I consider myself to be a green person. I am kind to the earth; I try to buy local, plant native plants to my area, plant my own garden, use little electricity, the list goes on. But I would never intentionally want to cause harm to any other living creature. So as I speak, I will begin to phase out using palm oil in all of my recipes. I know that I can search for sustainable palm oils however, at this time it is difficult to find. And the price would not be affordable. So in my quest to always try to be a decent and kind person; I say farewell palm oil.

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