Monday, March 15, 2010

Chocolate Sugar Scrubs are here

I have picked out the best fragrance for the chocolate sugar scrubs. It doesn't need much fragrance since I put actual chocolate in it which makes it smell a little. But they are so nice on your skin. I am really excited about these. I think they should be a big hit. They will be ready later today. Definately worth a try.
I have also made a new batch of coconut bath fizzie balls. They smell so good. I am going to be making a batch of soap with this coconut fragrance. It smells like being on a tropical island. I love it. And my little guy keeps walking up to the bath balls and wanting to smell them. He is so cute.
We are getting ready for one of our spring shows. We are only scheduled for 2 right now. I hope the weather holds out and we have lots of traffic. It has so beautiful here lately. I have been trying to take advantage of the spring coolness. I know in only a few weeks that it will get hot and humid and the nice weather will be gone.

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