Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Looking Ahead To Making Liquid Soap

Looking ahead is really exciting for me. I tend to think in the future and not at all in the past. But I have been wanting to try and make some liquid soap for a while now. I have been making cold process soap for a long time but, there is something scary about trying something new like this. I know that once I get the hang of it that it will be as easy as bar soap. But It does scare me. I think it might be because it is a whole different process. It could be that it takes the better part of a day to make a batch. Then thinking about spending all day and the batch possibly failing. I need to stop thinking like this and jump in there and do it. So I have decided that later in the week I will take the plunge. I am wanting to get that first batch done. I think I will even put pink grapefruit in to fragrance it. Can't wait to try it .


  1. Ooh, I love pink grapefruit! That's the best smell there is! Good luck :)

  2. Thanks, I think tomorrow is the day.